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Miches and Esmeralda Beach

Miches is a municipality in the Dominican Republic and Esmeralda Beach, located in the province of El Seibo. This is another touristic destination that is begins to grow and develop very fast

The town got its name in honor of the Dominican general Eugenio Miches in 1936.

It is located on the Atlantic coast of the Northeast of the country, between the Northern slope of the Cordillera Oriental and the Southern shore of Samana Bay. It’s a secluded place of incredible natural beauty. Only here you will find wide beaches, mountains and rivers, together all in one place.

Miches and Esmeralda Beach

Miches has great touristic potential. The great extent of its beaches, some of the best in the country, with their wide coastline, headlands and coves – provide all the means for excellent tourism. Mangroves, coconut trees, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, caves and rainforests complement the magnificent virgin natural beauty.


  • 1.5 hours from Punta Cana Airport
  • 50 minutes from Bavaro
  • 5 minutes to Esmeralda Beach
  • 50 minutes to Sabana de la Mar (Los Haitises National Park)
  • 10 minutes to Mountain Redonda

Miches still is a simple authentic town, with its unpretentious lodges of locals, small shops and grocery stores. Life goes calmly here. The local population is engaged in rice and cocoa bean cultivation, coconut and banana harvesting, fishing and tourist excursions.

The all-inclusive hotel of the French chain Club Med is opening here. In December 2022 the new Temptation Miles Resort will open its doors.


Moreover, the construction of new European-quality residences designed for foreigners begins in this area. In addition, there are still plots of land for sale, at a low cost.

Costa Esmeralda Beach

Still truly virgin, insanely beautiful beach is located 5 minutes driving distance from Miches. Now there is free access to the beach, a tower, toilets and showers have been built and a food court will soon be opened. A beach with golden sand interspersed with black. When the sun is bright, it shimmers with gold, in the shadow it has a unique dark color. The color of the ocean is from deep blue to bright turquoise. Sometimes there are waves, but they are not too strong and tall, so swimming on this beach is a pure pleasure. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, sun umbrellas and beach towels.

Miches and Esmeralda Beach

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In conclusion, if you think about a quiet life by the ocean, the municipality of Miches and Esmeralda beach has everything. And moreover, the inexpensive value of real estate at the moment and great potential in the future make Miches an interesting offer in the Dominican real estate market.