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Presentation of a new project

The presentation of a new project in Punta Cana

This week, the presentation of a new project, RADIANT ECO LUXURY RESIDENCES, took place at the office of the Arichy Real Estate agency.

It will be built in Vista Cana and will be completely new, not like any other new project in Punta Cana.

Our agency is located at the address, Plaza Eldorado, office 106 A, Bavaro, Punta Cana resort. On this day, we invited many guests, colleagues and brokers to talk about the new project.

The new Radiant Eco Luxury Residence project deserves special attention. This is the first project in the Dominican Republic that has received Green NGBS system certification. In other words, that you will have a truly eco-villa, with a personal certificate. You can read more information about the project HERE.

A blooming green city of villas surrounded by golf courses and artificial lakes, that’s what the new Radiant project is.

Arichy Real Estate

Arichy Real Estate is the master broker of this project and therefore can make other brokers an excellent price offer. And of course, our customers will not stay away, there is a great offer for everyone.

Chief architect Sylvia Soonets spoke at the presentation of the new project. She spoke about the advantages of the whole project and the features of the new villas. The main thing of which is that each of the villa projects, and there are 5 of them in total, can be built considering the wishes of the owner. For example, you want your master bedroom to be on the ground floor or even build another floor….all this is possible. Also, that each villa project takes into account the location of the wind rose (good ventilation), the location of the sun (does not heat up even at noon) and many other advantages.

The developer of the project, Senor Ramón Antonio Rojas Rojas, said that he is very happy to work with such an exclusive project as Radiant Eco Luxury Residence. And he confirms that an approach to the construction of each villa will be provided with special care and scrupulousness.

And of course, the director of the agency Anna Gladysheva made a speech and thanked all the guests for coming to the presentation and supporting our agency Arichi in such a significant event as the beginning of the development of a new concept of life in Punta Cana.

The presentation

The presentation and the party went great. The guests drank champagne, rum, aperol and other drinks.Delicious Dominican snacks and desserts. The decor with fresh flowers and candles emphasized the atmosphere of celebration and comfort

Sales agents Elena Rusinova, Regina Markina and Anna Glushkova told the guests about the new project in detail and distinctive feature.

This week, the presentation of a new project, RADIANT ECO LUXURY RESIDENCES, took place at the office of the Arichy Real Estate.

So, the presentation of the new project marked the beginning of a completely new lifestyle. And this means that the choice is yours! Choose only the best, you deserve it.