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Samana Province

Samana Province

Samana, full name Santa Barbara de Samana, is a city and municipality in the northeast of the Dominican Republic and the capital of the province Samana. 

This is one of the beloved tourist destinations in winter and spring, since from the end of January to March, humpback whales come to Samana Bay.

The town of Santa Barbara de Samana itself, a small authentic town, famous for its waterfront with colorful houses and a long pedestrian bridge connecting two small islands.  In the marina of Samana, you can charter your yacht to stay in the city for a few days, as well as visit the famous Cayo Levantado, a small island with an amazing beach.

Cayo Leventado off Samana.

The resorts of Las Terrenas and Las Galeras are located on the Samana Peninsula, Samana Province. Many residents of Santo Domingo and Santiago come here for vacation or a small getaway. Foreigners buy their own house or apartments in order to be able to spend the winter on the tropical peninsula.

Las Terrenas

Once a small fishing village, it has now become the tourist center of the Samana Peninsula. Las Terrenas attracts attention not only for its diverse beaches. There are small mountains where you can build a villa with a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is Las Terrenas that has a variety of beaches. Here you will find beaches with white sand and an aquamarine ocean. Or beaches with golden sand, Atlantic waves, perfect for windsurfing. 

In addition, pensioners prefer to live here to enjoy the tropical climate and fruits, and at the same time enjoy all the benefits of European civilization. Las Terrenas has two large supermarkets, many restaurants and cafes with European and Caribbean cuisine. As well as a modern hospital and pharmacies.

In general, it is a mixture of Caribbean nature, European civilization and Dominican authenticity.

Las Galeras

The most extreme point of the Samana Peninsula is Las Galeras. A small, authentic village is more suitable for those who are tired of civilization and want to live alone with nature. Walking along the beach and swimming in the ocean. Chatting with a neighbor over lunch at a coastal cafe is the daily life of Las Galeras residents. 

In conclusion, the Samana Peninsula is an interesting, authentic area of the Dominican Republic. Whether it will suit you for permanent residence or for a weekend break is up to you. One thing is indisputable, this is the most beautiful place in the Dominican Republic.