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Celebrities and the Dominican Republic

Christina Applegate and world celebrities in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, with its enchanting beaches and rich culture, is not only a vacation destination but also an attractive spot for the global film industry and celebrities. Some celebrities come for vacations, others have properties in the Dominican Republic, some give solo concentrates, and others come for winter vacations to their oceanfront or Caribbean villas.

Now, in light of recent events in the world of cinema, we join the congratulations for Christina Applegate’s Emmy victory. Let’s also reminisce about the filming of the captivating film ‘NYAD,’ featuring Jodie Foster, which was partially shot in the Dominican Republic.

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate, an Emmy award recipient, truly earned this accolade. “The strongest person,” say those close to Christina. Indeed, not everyone can dance with a broken leg, overcome cancer, and multiple sclerosis. It’s a pity Christina didn’t relax in the Dominican Republic, whose beaches have a beneficial effect on health.

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster, a global star, participated in the filming of the movie ‘NYAD,’ some scenes of which were captured in the beautiful landscapes of the Dominican Republic. The film, immersing viewers in a thrilling story, became even more heartfelt due to Jodie Foster involvement and the captivating scenery of the island.

Thus, virtuoso film stars, each outstanding in their own right, have left their mark on the Dominican Republic. While Jodie Foster added her greatness to ‘NYAD,’ breathing in the island air, Christina Applegate continues her triumphant journey in the world of cinema, emphasizing her unparalleled acting prowess.

Furthermore, the Dominican Republic has been the backdrop for numerous global blockbusters. Here are just a few of them:

The Godfather, Part II featuring Robert De Niro:

This film was shot in 1974 and is a sequel to the iconic movie “The Godfather.” It was filmed in various locations in the Dominican Republic, including Santo Domingo and La Romana.

Jurassic Park featuring Sam Neill:

This 1993 classic about dinosaurs was filmed in various locations in the Dominican Republic, including Punta Cana.

The Rum Diary featuring Johnny Depp:

This 2011 film, based on Hunter S. Thompson’s novel, was shot in different locations in the Dominican Republic, including Santo Domingo and Punta Cana.

So, we invite you to the Dominican Republic, where real cinematic passions sometimes unfold on its beaches.