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Year in Review

Year in Review: How Arichy Real Estate Experienced 2023

Year in Review: It has become a tradition for many companies and individuals to sum up the outgoing year and share their reflections on social media and personal blogs. But who really cares? Who may be interested in the number of deals closed or the kilometers our agents ran? “Your competitors,” you might say. And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. The thing is, Arichy Real Estate has been operating in the Dominican Republic real estate market for 15 years. We perceive our competitors as colleagues and strive to work together and support each other. So, in this article, instead of summarizing the past year, we will share our new achievements in 2023.

The Beginning of the Year

The year kicked off with a significant event – the establishment of a dedicated Technical Department. Now, all the properties in our administration receive time efficient and quality maintenance. This ensures that owners can rest assured knowing that if repairs or inventory replacements are needed, they will receive a detailed report on the condition and required work. The owner only needs to approve the work and verify its execution through a video report.

Website Redesign

We aim not only to keep up with the times but also to make our website convenient and comfortable for our clients to use. In 2023, we redesigned our website. Now, you have an interactive map tool and an improved search feature. Of course, we will continue to enhance the website, so please send us any comments and suggestions. After all, we work for you!

No Bad Without Good

Perhaps someone admired our Instagram page a bit too much. One, not such a good day, our director, Anna Gladysheva, received a call. The conversation was brief: pay up (a five-digit sum!) or your page will be deleted. Not that the agency lacks funds, but paying scammers, whom we actively fight against here in the Dominican Republic, is simply wrong. Therefore, we decided to create a new Instagram account and give it a completely fresh start. We would appreciate it if you could follow us HERE and give us a like!

New Facebook Page

At the end of the year, we made the decision to create a new Facebook page. Since Instagram is new, let Facebook be new too! You can subscribe HERE. So, we have refreshed ourselves in 2023 while maintaining quality and tolerance.

A higher quality of timely maintenance Office

Our new office in Fishing Lodge, Cap Cana, is currently undergoing renovations, and when it is time, we will be happy to announce the opening of our new branch in Cap Cana. With many new properties emerging in Cap Cana and Punta Cana Resort & Club in 2023, we need to be closer to this real estate to inspect, monitor, and assist clients. Trust us with their properties. Additionally, you can build your villa with a view of the golf course or the ocean in Cap Cana, Punta Cana, or Jarabacoa. Take, for example, our stunning Videre villa with views of the ocean, the golf course, and Mount Farallon.

As a result of our work and growth, the geographical boundaries of our property listings have expanded. Now, we have properties for sale in the Samana Peninsula, Puerto Plata province, and La Romana. This means that property owners know us and trust us with their real estate.

We look forward to collaborating with you if you want to sell, buy, or build your home in the Dominican Republic.

Year in Review: So, We wish you to prosper, we care. Success of your business is our priority! Live your own extraordinary experience with Arichy Real Estate.