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Medicine in Dominican Republic

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about the Dominican health system  is that Dominican doctors diplomas are  recognized all over the world , including in developed countries such as the U.S.. From this we can judge the qualifications of Dominican doctors. Due to the fact that the Dominican Republic – a small country, all the innovations and developments in medicine occur here much faster than in larger countries.In accordance with the agreement on the integration with the United States, modern equipment for diagnostics and operations was brought to the Dominican Republic , at the moment, many doctors are trained in the Dominican Republic and  in the United States. In addition to public hospitals in the Dominican Republic, private clinics are widely spread  as well. Many of them have a specific focus, for example – private hospital, private dental offices.   All to ensure a high level of health care in the country. A very well developed system of health insurance that covers the cost of treatment from 80% to 100% (depending on the insurance plan), and in many cases covers from 80 to 100% of the cost of medicines. There are additional insurance plans for dental services, or to visit the narrow specialists . Average  cost of the insurance plan  is just 400 dollars a year !
Many guidebooks  recommend to get   vaccinated against malaria before travelling to the Dominican republic. The reality  to develop this exotic disease in the Dominican Republic no higher than 1%.  Doctors familiar with the issue of malaria, laugh and say that for them, more than 30 years of practice, was only one case of malaria.

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