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Jarabacoa district

Jarabacoa district in Dominican Republic

The Jarabacoa district is located at an altitude of 529 meters above sea level. This is one of the most picturesque places in the Dominican Republic, which is strikingly different from coastal resorts. There is no sea and ocean here. But translated from the language of the Taino Indians, Jarabacoa means “confluence of waters.” No wonder, the longest rivers of the country originate here.

Jarabacoa district

Moreover, here you will find beautiful waterfalls and mountain rivers. And such “delicious” and dizzying fresh air. Be sure to visit the waterfalls: Salto de Jimenoa and Salto de Baiguate.

The Jarabacoa district is popularly called the City of Eternal Spring. Because of its pleasant year-round temperature of +23. Residents of the capital prefer to relax in villas in Jarabacoa, where you can light a fireplace and walk among the Caribbean pines.

Jarabacoa district in Dominican Republic


The main strawberry plantations are located here. Fruits and vegetables are grown. Coffee trees grow on the mountain slopes and coffee with the same name Jarabacoa is considered the most delicious in the country.

Jarabacoa is also famous for its flower plantations. More than 40 species of orchids and different varieties of succulents grow here. People come here specifically to find seedlings of rare varieties of tropical plants and palm trees.


Jarabacoa district is an area of ecotourism. Those who want to paraglide or go down a mountain river by kayak come here. Here you can ride horses along mountain trails and swim in the cool waters of waterfalls. The best restaurant with a magnificent view, located right on the mountain “Jamaca de Dios Restaurant”. It offers Caribbean cuisine with a special serving. Visiting numerous ranches, you can buy Macadamia nuts and honey from local apiaries.

In this amazing area, you can build a villa in the mountains and enjoy stunning sunsets every day. Our agency works directly with architects who specialize in the construction of villas in mountainous areas.

Jarabacoa district

And in conclusion, if you want to live permanently or spend weekends in the mountains, then this area will satisfy all your expectations.