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Exotic vacation in the Dominican Republic

Exotic vacation in the Dominican Republic

Exotic vacation in the Dominican Republic can be found not only in all-inclusive resorts. Staying in a resort is certainly wonderful, but such places often offer mass excursions. What if you spent your vacation in an unusual way? For example, you could rent an apartment in Punta Cana (check out the options here) and venture into the heart of the country for a few days. Let’s head to the peninsula today…

Santa Barbara de Samana

This provincial city comes to life in the winter months. It’s in Samana Bay, from January to March, that humpback whales arrive. We’ll tell you more about them in another article. Today, our task is to find an exotic vacation.

What does exotic mean to you? Right, it’s something special that you can find in one place and not in another. Right here, by the roadside, you can pick cocoa fruit or eat mangoes straight from the tree. There may not be endless beaches like in Punta Cana, but there’s something that’s often lacking in the modern world: the vibrant, untouched nature and incredible tranquility.

This is where tourists come when they seek solitude with nature. Tropical jungles, pristine beaches, and authentic Dominican life will surround you.

Vacation in a Treehouse

If you want to get away from civilization, spend a few days in the jungle, savor tropical fruits, and enjoy morning yoga, then this is the place for you. Twenty-two treehouses, complete with showers and toilets (going without these amenities might be too exotic), a pool with loungers, a restaurant with a yoga hall, a round platform with swings and an evening bonfire, will help you forget all your worries.

You can take a trip to El Limon Waterfall, go horseback riding or ATV riding, and visit Cayo Levantado Island.

Weekends on the Wild Beach of El Valle

Individual loft-style bungalows are located on the shores of the incredible El Valle beach, amidst tropical jungles. The bungalows have all the amenities, including Wi-Fi. In the morning, you’ll wake up to the chirping of tropical birds, and in the evening, you can play beach volleyball with the locals. Breakfast with a view of the pond, tropical fruits, and exotic freshly squeezed juice will leave you impressed. Additionally, in the morning, you can participate in local fishing or take a boat excursion to nearby beaches.

To reach the Samana Peninsula from Punta Cana, you have two options:

  • By car through Santo Domingo (without entering the city, but turning onto Highway No.7 Del Coral, leading to the north coast).
  • With ferry, crossing the bay from the town of Miches. Just one hour of an exciting journey, and you’ll arrive in Santa Barbara de Samana.

You can learn more about Samana HERE.

So, exotic weekends await you, and you’re sure to enjoy them!