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10 advantages of buying property in the Dominican Republic

The main advantage of the distant exotic countries is that they are out of the main flow of tourists, such as Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Thailand and etc. It is the reserves of a quiet luxury. One of such countries is the Dominican Republic – a paradise of nature, a small island in the Caribbean.

Real estate in the Dominican Republic is represented by numerous and completely different in price category offers. Here you can buy a property worth 70 000 US dollars, the upper limit does   not actually exists, it’s all depends on your imagination and budget. Locations of the properties in the Dominican Republic are also diverse. This northern coast of the island with a unique gentle ocean, the east coast, well-known for its endless white beaches, as well as the southern coast, surrounded by the warm Caribbean Sea, the nation’s capital and home to the half of the country’s population .

So, what are the main advantages of purchasing property in the Dominican Republic?

1.Summer all the year around. Unlike in European countries or Egypt and Turkey, here you can relax and swim all the year around. The water temperature in the ocean does not fall below 25 C. There are no chilling winds, bad weather, and a sudden change in temperature. Annual temperature variations ± 3 C. You can count on your fingers the days when there is no sun.

2. Ecologically clean environment without the influence of large cities and large enterprises.

3. Clean sea and secluded beaches. On the island you won’t find any pebble beaches only the endless sandy beaches with gently sloping entrance into the sea. The absence of any annoying, stinging and generating anxiety living creatures does not dependent on the time of the year, it just is not here.

4. Development of the infrastructure in the places of residence of the Europeans and North Americans. Here you can easily find everything you need for a comfortable and carefree life. Presence of shops, supermarkets, banks, communication companies and etc.

5. Unique bright southern nature, painted in the colors of summer. The presence of a huge number of national parks, protected by the government.

6. In the places of residence of the foreigners, the large number of entertainment at reasonable prices can be finding as well. Here you will find endless carefully prepared golf courses, individual and group lessons are available at the schools where you can master this wonderful game of aristocrats, horse riding clubs, tennis clubs, karting clubs, restaurants and bars, not to mention the possibility of water sports, presented here in a variety of diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing, unforgettable boat trips, fishing in the ocean and more.

7. The ideal climate, without any extremes of the temperature and the pressure, of course, very beneficial for the health of children and older people. And the level of medicine and the possibility of purchasing health insurance that covers absolutely any expenses is the ultimate advantage in choosing this place.

8. The cost of land is still at a reasonable price, so far, it is possible to buy a VIP-package, for example, become an owner of the private beach or an equipped parking for the yachts, etc. National legislation is fully configured to attract the foreign capital and all is done for the owner to feel safe in this country. Loyal immigration climate allows you to obtain a residence permit in the country within six months and come whenever you want.

9. Construction. To build a house here is much more profitable than to buy an already built one. Highly professional architects will prepare a project, and designers will help you create a unique interior. Prices of construction and all the supporting documentation is lower then in most European and American countries. As a contractor it is recommended to select a European company. All the transactions are more than transparent, as you received estimates for the construction till the tiniest detail.

10. Investments. The real estate bought today, can grows in value already in the next 6 months. Therefore, whether it is an investment in the construction or the purchase of a plot of land, a house or apartments it’s not just the money invested and forgotten, it is your future with a guaranteed interest and income.