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Traveling through the Dominican Republic

Traveling through the Dominican Republic

Traveling through the Dominican Republic, it’s not just vivid experiences and beautiful photos. First of all, it is acquaintance with the country and its inhabitants. After all, the Dominican Republic is so different and despite the fact that the country is located on a small island, it is quite large. The area of ​ ​ 48,730 km ² says not so clear. But if you leave Punta Cana, then to the border with Haiti (neighboring country), the road will take you about 8-9 hours by car. Is it a long time you say? But what an interesting and amazing place you can see!

So, let’s go!

Have you enjoyed Punta Cana’s crisp white beaches? Have you visited all the restaurants in Cap Cana? It’s time to see a non-tourist Dominican Republic.

I must say that now the country can be proud of its roads. Highways are laid almost throughout the country, which are pleasant to move along. The only point, most of the roads are toll and you can pay for travel only cash. So be sure to change money for cash in pesos but not more than a 1000 pesos bills.

Where to snack?

You’ll always see various gas stations on the way. As a rule, there will be an opportunity here not only to gas up the car, but also to buy sandwiches, empanadas or other light snacks, drink a cup of fragrant, Dominican coffee and just relax. Many gas stations even have a place where you can take your pet for a walk.

Do you want a full hot lunch? Look for a Comedor or a Parador sign. In these places a large selection of authentic Creole cuisine awaits you. Be sure to try Sancocho, a traditional rich soup.

Diverse Dominican Republic. Traveling through the Dominican Republic

Moving deeper into the center of the country, the landscape outside of the window changes drastically. More mountainous terrain and fewer palm trees. Do you know that on the territory of the Dominican Republic there are the highest and the lowest points of the entire West Indies? So, in the central part of the mountain range called Cordillera Central there is Pico Duarte (3087 m above the sea level) – the highest point of the country and the entire region. And the lowest point is Lake Enriquillo, the largest natural lake in the country, located in a deep depression in the southwest of the country. But we will go there next time.

Outside of the Bani city that considered the Mango Capital you’ll find many amazing places. For example, take a walk on sand dunes or even ride a skateboard on them. Don’t forget to stop in Salinas. It is undeniably unforgettable to see pink and blue salt lakes. Yes, of course there is a very poor life, but people here are very friendly and very hospitable. The end point of the journey through the Dominican Republic may be the Eagle Bay and the city of Dahabon. But it is going to be another story.

Samana Peninsula and Las Terrenas

It is in this part of the Dominican Republic that rapid construction has now begun. And all because there are many wild beaches and virgin mountain jungles. Here you can find a large plot on the ocean or in the mountains, for the construction of your house. Or to buy an apartment in the initial stage of the construction, which will allow it to be rented or sold more profitably in the future.

In addition to local shops, already now in Las Terrenas there are large supermarket La Sirena, a French bakery and a modern hospital. It is planned to update the road in the city itself. But even now a beautiful serpentine road leads to the peninsula.

In addition, the Samana Peninsula attracts more and more tourists not only in February and March, when humpback whales swim. There are plenty of lovely places in the area that you definitely need to look at.

Swim in El Lemon waterfall the according to the legend brings wealth to everyone who swims to the cave under the falls.

Look at the amazing spot of The Devil’s Throat near Las Galeras. Relax on the island of Cayo Levantado with its impeccable color of the sand and ocean. We have much more recommendations for your traveling through the Dominican Republic. We are always happy to introduce you to the island, find your best accommodation and fall in love in the island as WE love it.