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Medicine in the Dominican Republic

Medicine in the Dominican Republic

Medicine in the Dominican Republic is one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the Caribbean region. The fact that Dominican doctors regularly undergo internships in the United States, and many have American diplomas, speaks volumes. In addition, there are modern clinics in the country, with modern medical equipment. There are many pharmacies where you can always find the necessary medicines and which often work 24/7.

Moreover, in addition to public clinics, the Dominican Republic has a wide network of private clinics with a very high level of service. There are both small and fairly large clinics, many of which have a specific orientation: private dental offices, private maternity hospitals, etc.

All this undoubtedly ensures a high level of healthcare.

Medicine in the Dominican Republic is paid. Of course, there are state free clinics here, but commonly, you will have to buy medicines at your own expense. So, if you are planning a vacation or moving to the Dominican Republic, it is better to take care of your medical insurance.

Health insurance

For a vacation in the Dominican Republic, it is enough to purchase international medical insurance and know the hospital to which you should apply, if necessary.

But if you are going to the Dominican Republic for permanent residence, consider purchasing local insurance. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of different insurance companies here. After all, if a visit to the doctor without insurance will cost you about USD 100$, with insurance it’s only 10 – 15 $.

The cost of health insurance depends on age, the presence of chronic diseases and the insurance plan. But in general, it will cost you $ 350-700 a year. At the same time, the insurance covers 80% of the fee for hospitalization or the purchase of medicine by prescription.


Many guidebooks recommend getting vaccinated against malaria or other diseases carried by insects. There is certainly a chance of getting sick with diseases such as dengue, chikungunya or yellow fever. But fumigation is a regular procedure in hotels and residential premises. But if you are going to the hinterland of the country or want to walk in the jungle, do not forget about the means of protection against mosquitoes. Fortunately, apart from mosquitoes, there are no dangerous insects and wild animals in the Dominican Republic.

We are always happy to help our clients get medical insurance and choose a suitable insurance plan.